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The average cost of student housing rentals around the University area is as follows:

1 Bedroom Flat: $180 – $240

2 Bedroom Flat: $280 – $350

3 Bedroom House: $360 – $460

4 Bedroom House: $480 – $560

5 Bedroom House: $550 -$750

6 Bedroom House: $650 – $800

Note: Houses with white ware (fridge, washing machine, dishwasher) usually cost more, according to what is provided.

What to look for in a flat

It is important to select a flat that suits you, your budget and your lifestyle. Before signing a tenancy agreement you should view the rental property in person. When looking for a flat, some things to consider are:

● Your budget: Can you afford it? Not only will you have regular rent to pay, you will also need to pay for monthly phone, electricity, food and transport costs. You could also potentially have gas, internet and satellite TV charges as well.

● Heating and insulation:. Consider the heating method you will be using and how much this may cost you. Has the property got suitable insulation, ventilation and sunlight?

● Location: Make sure you are in a suitable neighbourhood and you are close to public transport routes, supermarkets, and schools

● Check how close are you to the University campus and make sure you factor transport costs into your budget.

● Quality: Is the flat in good condition, clean, safe, secure and well maintained? 

● Furnished/unfurnished: Most properties are rented unfurnished. You will need to factor this in to your set-up costs.

● Tenancy agreement: Read the tenancy agreement carefully and make sure you understand both you and your landlord’s obligations.  What is the duration of the tenancy agreement? Are all the flatmates signing the tenancy agreement?

● Flatmates: Choose your flatmates carefully – best of friends can be different people when you actually live with them!

The majority of landlords of properties around the university area expect tenants to sign a 12-month fixed-term tenancy agreement. If you sign into this type of lease, it means you are liable for rental payments for the entire 12 months, whether you are living in the flat or not.

Set-up costs

Expect expenses up front when you first move into your flat, including:

● Bond: Up to a maximum of four weeks rent can be payable immediately. Your landlord is legally required to lodge your bond with the Department of Building and Housing Bond Office in Wellington. When you leave your flat, provided your rent is up to date and that you have not caused any damage, your bond will be refunded to you. If  you have large rent arrears or serious damage  your landlord  may take you to court to recover the difference.

● Rent in advance: Up to a maximum of two weeks rent, payable immediately.

● Connection fees: You may need to pay a bond and/or a connection fee to connect your power, phone and internet.

● Furniture: Many flats are unfurnished so be prepared to buy items such as a bed, desk, couch, whiteware, cultery and appliances.

Weekly costs

This will include rent, power, phone, internet, appliance hire, transport costs (bus), contents insurance and food.

Other costs

Other expenses which need to be included in your budget are your personal entertainment costs, money for clothes and other personal items, snacks, textbooks, photocopying, mobile phone costs, medical expenses and trips home.

Renting rights and responsibilities

With flatting comes rights and responsibilities you should be aware of. For more information and advice on any issues which may arise during your tenancy, you can contact:

Department of Building and Housing – Te Tari Kaupapa Whare

Freephone in NZ: 0800 83 62 62

For a full first time flatting guide, visit

For more information to do with flatting (including 1 on 1 help) please visit the Accommodation Office.

Best of luck with your flat hunt !